Exploring Weight Loss Surgery Options in Punjab

Weight Loss Surgery

As obesity rates continue rising, more people across Punjab suffering from comorbidities are considering weight loss procedures when traditional methods fail. Advancements like minimally invasive bariatric surgery now offer effective obesity and diabetes treatment through techniques that limit complications and downtime.

In this article, we summarize the types of weight loss surgeries provided, the recovery process, and why Punjab delivers some of the most affordable options in India.

Understanding Different Weight Loss Surgeries

Experienced bariatric surgeons will select suitable procedures based on:

– Extent of overweight status and presence of other illnesses
– Goals relating to improving comorbid conditions
– Willingness and ability to commit to lifelong diet and activity changes

Popular approaches include:

– Sleeve gastrectomy – Reduces stomach capacity by ~75% using staples
– Gastric bypass – The stomach is divided with one part connected to the small intestine
– Gastric band – Inflatable band placed to limit food intake volume
– Duodenal switch – Combines sleeve gastrectomy and intestinal rerouting

Each obesity surgery works differently with adjustable long-term results.

Life After Bariatric Surgery – Recovery Timelines

Patients undergo a transitional staged process post-surgery:

– Gradual progression from water to pureed food over 8 weeks
– Taking supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies
– Introducing regular foods in manageable portions
– Exercising lightly starting just 2-3 weeks after surgery
– Attending follow-ups for fine-tuning diet, activity, and weight goals

Following expert guidance is key to sustainable success.

Growth of Weight Loss Surgery in Punjab

Some favorable factors make bariatric procedures accessible:

– Availability of advanced laparoscopy infrastructure
– Presence of highly qualified obesity surgeons
– Shorter wait times for surgery at leading hospitals
– Lower costs ranging from 30-50% savings vs metros
– Options for financing packages at 0% interest

Quality clinical care rivaling top national centers – at a fraction of the price – attracts patients from across India. Reputed facilities like Prolife Hospitals have special accredited bariatric centers that provide comprehensive support.

By relieving obesity-linked illness risks, weight loss surgery grants a second shot at a healthy life. Consult qualified surgeons to chart a tailored plan.


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