Avoiding Common Mistakes in the UK Marriage Visa Application Process

UK Marriage Visa

Applying for a marriage visa is a significant yet crucial step to living in the UK with your UK partner. You want to ensure everything runs smoothly because the process can be time- and money-consuming.

If you pay attention to the guidelines and acquire the assistance you require to finish your application, you can fully avoid a lot of blunders. Be sure to avoid the following mistakes before beginning your application for a UK marriage visa.

Unaware of the requirements for a UK marriage visa

You need to know the requirements before starting your marriage visa application. It would be best to meet eligibility criteria, including finances, language proficiency, and health. It’s crucial to understand the requirements you must fulfil to be granted a visa and the steps involved in submitting your UK spouse visa application and completing the approval process.

Bank statements and old paychecks

You must include several papers and documents with your marriage visa application as supporting documentation. You will require recent copies of bank statements and payslips as evidence of your income and savings. If you want your most recent bank statements and pay slips to be accepted, ensure they are at most 28 days.

The necessary funding 

Applicants also frequently fail to demonstrate that they meet the financial requirements to get the Spouse Visa.

The “Minimum Income Threshold” is a figure that must be met by the partner sponsoring the visa (and a permanent resident of the UK). It can be accomplished in many ways, including:

  • employment-related income
  • revenue from non-employment sources, such as rentals
  • Savings Pension 
  • Income from self-employment

However, candidates might only send in some of the required paperwork. 

Additionally, applicants frequently need to pay more attention to their financial situation, especially if their salary is below the required minimum.

Not Choosing a Translator Approved by the Home Office

It is required to have papers initially written in a language other than English or Welsh translated when you need to submit them.

A qualified translator must translate them for your application to be accepted. In the UK, translators should belong to an official organisation like the Institute of Translation, and in other countries, translators should also belong to an official organisation there.

Incorrect bank statements

Bank statements that you are submitting cannot just be any statements. They must be printed on authorised bank stationery or bear the bank’s stamp on each page. You can use the statements that your bank has mailed to you, or if you print your own, you must get a letter from your bank confirming the validity of the statements or obtain a stamp from a bank employee.

Incomplete Forms

You should also avoid leaving blank spaces on your forms. Your application could be rejected or delayed while you supply the missing information if you don’t complete it entirely. You should review your application several times to ensure all form fields are filled in. When it could ultimately cost you time and money, not examining it or merely giving it a cursory inspection isn’t worth the time you might save.

Misleading or Inconsistent Answers

Even if you fill out your forms, you could still give unhelpful replies or possibly false information. You might overlook or be unaware of a relevant detail that should be included in your application. You can avoid making this error by seeking immigration advice. With the appropriate guidance, you can be sure to include all required and not omit anything that can land you in trouble.

Unnecessary Additional Information 

You can end up giving too much information in addition to too little. It may not seem to be a problem, but divulging too much information can be detrimental to you. It could cause delays for your application because the reviewers will have to sort through the unimportant data to get to the crucial data.

Again, seeking guidance from an immigration lawyer will be beneficial.

Insufficient Required Documents

You will need to provide a number of supporting papers with your application. If any of these needs to be included, your application may be delayed while you submit it, or you may even have to start over. Get assistance from a knowledgeable immigration specialist who knows the documentation you must provide to support your application if you don’t want to experience lengthy delays or have your case refused.

English Language Test

You must demonstrate that you have a proficient level of English unless you are exempt. A1 level English is needed to apply for a spouse visa outside the UK, whereas A2 level English is needed to apply from within the UK. If you want to extend your visa subsequently, you can take a test that is harder than necessary. You may utilise your English language certificate again if you have been on leave continuously since your last application.

According to the Home Office, candidates may only take a SELT test from one of the following organisations:

  • IELTS Selt Consortium
  • LanguageCert
  • Pearson
  • Trinity College London
  • PSI Services (UK) LTD

It’s also crucial to remember that the SELT certificate can be up to two years old while requesting a Spouse Visa. If your certificate has worn out, you must retake the exam and include a copy of your updated certificate with your visa application.

Meeting the ‘genuine relationship’ test

The Spouse Visa application’s biggest obstacle is passing the ‘genuine relationship’ criteria. An immigration official will evaluate not only your application but also the honesty and sincerity of your relationship. Therefore, this test is primarily subjective. The caseworker will require evidence that your relationship is “genuine and subsisting.”

This component of the application is one that UKVI takes very seriously. The UK government is taking strict measures against so-called “sham marriages” and “marriages of convenience,” in which fraudsters wed to obtain immigration benefits. 

However, the ‘Genuine relationship’ test has no predetermined criteria to be met. 

Your immigration lawyer can suggest that you compile documentation of your connection from the moment you first met up until the present and create a chronology. As evidence of your sincerity, you may provide pictures of the two of you together, airline tickets, your marriage licence, vacation photos, and any presents you have purchased for one another. Letters from loved ones and friends may also be taken into account.

Hiring an immigration lawyer with OISC certification is the best way to guard against most of these mistakes. A skilled set of eyes can make all the difference between receiving a stamp of approval or rejecting your visa application.

The Spouse Visa specialists at A Y & J immigration lawyers in London can assist you with the application, provide a document check, and be by your side throughout the entire procedure if you need assistance satisfying the requirements for a Spouse Visa.

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