All You Need to Know About Real Hair Wigs

Real Hair Wigs


Are you someone who loves styling wigs? Well, look nowhere else; this blog will answer all your questions on wigs.

Gone are the days when people used wigs for bald patches or hair problems or were limited to drama sets and plays. Wigs are the new talk of the town. From celebrities to people like us, everyone loves wigs. Not only are they easy to wear, but they also offer a huge opportunity for you to try new hairstyles every day.

Wigs have become the new essential for your wardrobe. Needless to say, many women own more than two wigs in their collection to have flexibility of hairstyling.

With a variety in choice of wigs in the market, real hair wigs have always been the first choice of any wig user. Let us elaborate!

Read to find all that you need to know about real hair wigs and synthetic wigs:

What are Real Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs?

Wigs are hair accessories made from human hair or synthetic hair. Fibers of real hair wigs are taken from human hair. No doubt they look, feel and move just like your own hair. If we talk about synthetic wigs, they are created with man-made fibers with the help of technology to make them appear just like human hair. While both, natural and synthetic hair have their own benefits, it entirely depends on your personal taste and how you want to style your wig for a certain occasion.

There are notions of real hair wigs being better than synthetic ones; this is not the case. Any synthetic wig made with good care using high-quality fibers will make it difficult to distinguish between the two hair fibers.

Why to choose between real hair wigs or synthetic wigs when you can have both of them in your wardrobe to be your fashion buddy for different events and vacations?

How long do synthetic hair wigs last?

Synthetic wigs can be a perfect option for occasional wear as they can last up to 6 months on daily use and more than 12 months if you wear them casually.

When choosing synthetic wigs, it is always suggested to go for a high-quality fiber that will last longer and be easy to care for.

How long do real hair wigs last?

There is more than one answer to this question. Based on personal experience, different wig users answer differently for the same. However, the average longevity of a real hair wig can be somewhere between 2-4 years. Having said that, all wigs usually last longer than that if you follow proper TLC!

How to Take Care of Real Hair Wigs?

If you are a wig wearer and love styling wigs, you must be aware that it is essential to take good care of them. Proper caring of your wig buddies becomes even more important when you own a real hair wig. With a bit of understanding of how to maintain them, you can preserve your lovely wigs for the longest time. That is amazing, isn’t it? So, let’s look at how to wash, condition, style, and store your real human hair wig.

How Often to Wash Human Hair Wig?

As much as you love your wigs, it is important to show your love by caring for them. One of the best ways to increase your real hair wigs’ life is to wash them every 6 to 8 years. Wigs tend to accumulate dirt just like natural hair which may lead to tangling and breaking of the hair fibers. An occasional good wash will make them clean and looking as fresh as new.

Things to keep in mind while washing your real hair wigs:

  1.             It’s important to use a deep conditioner on your wigs to keep the moisture intact, leaving them smooth and shiny. But you must use conditioner specially made for wigs. These conditioners will not be rough on your wigs.
  2.             When washing, make sure you apply the hair product from the mid-shaft of your real hair wigs. Avoid applying to the base and cap to protect it from shedding.  
  3.             You can use regular to lukewarm water for rinsing and pat them dry with a fresh and soft towel. Once that is done, you must leave the wigs to air dry naturally. You can use a wig stand to let your wigs dry.
  4.             Once the real hair wig is completely dry, you should use a wide comb to detangle all the hair fibers. Make sure to be gentle on your wigs with this process.
  5.             To store, you can choose a wig bag for yourself based on your preference, allowing you to nicely hang the wig in your wardrobe after use.
  6. If you plan to blow dry or heat-style, you should use oils and serums on the end or spray the wig with a heat protectant.  

See, it’s not difficult at all! With proper TLC, not only do you show your love to your wig buddies, but it also helps to preserve them for long.

Where to Find the Best Real Hair Wigs and Synthetic Wigs?

Wigs are a great way to give an edge to your personality. Be it a formal gathering or a casual event, with wigs, you can get your hair ready in minutes. With a variety of shades, colors, styles, and lengths to choose from, it gets even easier to be on top of the hair trends. Now, the only task is finding the perfect wig that would suit your personality and be your fashion buddy.

Don’t worry; we have done our research on your behalf to come up with some of the best online brands that sell high-quality real hair wigs and synthetic wigs:

  1.             Diahann Carroll Wigs- Top-picked celebrity-styled wig brand with a huge collection of wigs especially designed for African American women.
  2.             Paula Young Wigs- With a top-notch collection of wigs for older women, this brand offers the best of white and gray-colored real human wigs and synthetic wigs in different styles and lengths.
  3.             WhisperLite Wigs- If you are searching for light-weighted wigs, look nowhere else, as these wigs has the best wigs that are not only light on your head but give you that natural look you seek.


We hope you have enjoyed reading all that you need to know about real hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Wigs are the most versatile way to styling hair for women of all ages. They are easy to wear and care for.

So, are you ready to add some new fashion buddies to your closet? Check out the amazing collection of high-quality wigs at the best price. We are sure after having a look at these extensive collections of real hair wigs and synthetic wigs at you will want them all!

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