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CCleaner is a useful tool that improves computer performance by removing unwanted items like cookies and browsing history. It can also clear up space on your hard drive and resolve registry problems in Windows. Numerous applications, including web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome, are compatible with the CCleaner software.

A different web browser known as the CCleaner Browser is included with CCleaner. It is protected from malicious downloads, phishing, and malware. Additionally, pop-up advertisements and an excessive amount of browser cache are avoided when using CCleaner Browser. It is predicated on Google’s open-source Chromium project. Only Windows is compatible with this browser.

Is CCleaner secure to use?

CCleaner is safe, indeed. Having said that, Avast has faced a number of security issues since acquiring CCleaner. In 2017, a backdoor attack that compromised software installed on 32-bit Windows systems impacted an estimated 2.27 million computers.

Then, in 2019, Avast revealed that hostile actors had gotten into its network and were most likely getting ready to attack CCleaner’s supply chain, but they were stopped. In this instance, even though the hacker used credentials that were stolen to get admin rights, they were unable to spread a malicious release.

To its credit, Avast answered right away. The Czech cybersecurity company focused on looking for malicious changes in older versions of CCleaner while ceasing development on new releases. Additionally, all internal user credentials were disabled and reset.

Method of Use

Before using CCleaner on your computer, you have to download and install it. Launch the application after it has finished installing, then select which areas of your computer to clean, such as temporary files, the recycle bin, and your browsing history.

With this program, you can also manage the startup apps on your computer and remove unwanted files and applications. Another feature of CCleaner clean is a registry cleaner. 

With this program, you can also manage the startup apps on your computer and remove unwanted files and applications. A registry cleaner is another feature of CCleaner Clean My PC Free, which can help fix any errors or broken Windows registry settings. Once you’ve selected the regions you want to clean, simply click the “Run Cleaner” button, and CCleaner will remove the selected files.

You now possess all the necessary information about this software. You don’t need to be dubious about it as a result, and if you still have any questions, please Call us at 1510-370-1986.

Perform routine cleaning and scanning

When you first access the interface, it is clear and well-designed, with all the necessary tools arranged in a side panel and plenty of room for managing settings and options.

The computer health checker shows you your computer’s current status regarding trackers, unnecessary and redundant data, computer speed, response time, and security. With just one click, you can improve privacy protection by getting rid of trackers and junk files.

There’s also the option of custom cleaning. With CCleaner, you can choose between specific Windows features and applications; each has a cleaning checklist. It is possible to delete temporary files, memory dumps, file fragments, error reports, event logs, log files, and other comparable objects that you don’t actually need. For example, you can use different Internet browsers to remove cookies, history, and cache. Additionally, the download history is erasable. CCleaner can be used to get rid of outdated Windows installations.

Giving you the option to manually remove items along with instructions on how to clean a PC, CCleaner also lets you perform an analysis to see what needs to be cleaned.


For this reason, CCleaner has been successfully installed on your Windows computer. It will free up space by removing clutter like cookies and browsing history. Just follow the installation instructions to the letter. Now, compared to before, your computer will run more efficiently or smoothly.

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