Creative Biostructure Unveils Comprehensive Research Grade Liposome Offerings

Creative Biostructure, a leading provider of life science research products and services, today announced its extensive portfolio of research-grade liposomes designed to advance scientific research across diverse fields.


Liposomes, microscopic vesicles composed of phospholipid bilayers, serve as versatile carriers for delivering a wide range of molecules, including small molecules, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids, to target cells or tissues. Creative Biostructure’s research-grade liposomes are meticulously formulated and rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality, purity, and consistency, making them an exceptional choice for a broad spectrum of research applications.


Creative Biostructure’s research-grade liposomes offer several distinct advantages:

Exceptional Quality and Purity

Creative Biostructure’s liposomes are manufactured using high-quality lipids and undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistent particle size, lamellarity, and encapsulation efficiency. This commitment to quality ensures the reproducibility and reliability of experimental results.


Versatility and Customization

Creative Biostructure offers a wide range of liposome formulations, including plain liposomes, targeted liposomes, stimuli-responsive liposomes, and multifunctional liposomes. This versatility enables researchers to tailor liposomes to specific experimental requirements and achieve desired delivery targets.


Expert Support and Guidance

Creative Biostructure’s team of experienced scientists provides comprehensive technical support and guidance to researchers throughout the liposome selection, formulation, and characterization process. This expertise ensures that researchers select the most appropriate liposomes for their specific applications and maximize their experimental success.


Creative Biostructure’s research-grade liposomes are widely used in various research fields, including:

Drug Loaded Liposome

Drug-loaded liposomes at Creative Biostructure are ideal for drug delivery research, providing an efficient tool for encapsulating and delivering therapeutic agents.

Liposomes for Immune Research

Liposomes for immune research can be used to study immune system function and immune cell interactions.

Liposomes for Click Chemistry

The liposomes for click chemistry can encapsulate, protect, and deliver bioactive molecules with clickable functional groups for targeted chemical reactions.

Fluorescent Liposome

Fluorescent liposomes offer a reliable means for cell tracking and imaging, allowing visualize biological processes in real-time, including encapsulated fluorescent liposome, lipophilic fluorescent liposome, and control fluorescent liposome.


Creative Biostructure is committed to providing researchers with the highest quality liposome products and services to support their scientific endeavors. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for researchers worldwide.


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About Creative Biostructure

Creative Biostructure is a leading provider of life science research products and services, offering a comprehensive range of liposome development, manufacturing, and characterization services. The company is dedicated to supporting the advancement of scientific research through innovative liposome-based solutions and expert guidance.


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