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It is often seen that students with good merit struggle to fund their tuition fees abroad. Since the cost of overseas studies is quite expensive hence, not everyone can afford it. Thus, to make it possible for them, many financial aids are available to make studying in foreign convenient. Also, with study abroad assistance Chandigarh by your side, you can unlock your dream on an amazing journey.

Moreover, in this article, you will learn about different aids and their eligibility. These funds cover their living costs, tuition fees, and other charges. Let’s understand more about them!

Scholarships and Financial Support to Study Abroad

You must be aware of the scholarships, but there is more financial aid available for students. Also, these mainly depend on the country you are applying to. However, if you’re seeking funding options, study abroad assistance Chandigarh can provide you with a suitable option to cover your tuition fee. Meanwhile, let’s explore various types of grants and financial aid programs:

Government Scholarships

To support deserving students, the Indian govt. Also offers various grants and funding programs. These are often based on their academic score, or extra activities, or other fields. Some of them are offered by the govt. are-

  • Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships
  • Great Scholarships
  • The Inlaks Shivdasani
  • The Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Trust
  • Indian Global Leaders
  • Cornell University Tata

University Scholarships

Many institutions offer different awards and grants to attract students. However, the criteria to get them depends on your academic scores or other activities. Thus, you should explore the opportunities offered by different colleges. Meanwhile, here are some top grants available for students seeking to study PG courses in a foreign country.

  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES)
  • University of Edinburgh Global
  • Imperial College London
  • Harvard University

Private Foundations

In addition, there are some private org. that provide support to the students via different grants and awards. Thus, to check if you’re eligible for these programs, you can directly search for them online. Meanwhile, some of them are:

  • KC Mahindra
  • Nehru Trust for Cambridge and Trinity College
  • Singapore International Airlines
  • ITC Scholarships
  • World Health Organization

Student Loan

Other than awards and grants, there is one more option: student loans for studying abroad. It is also important to check in advance about the terms and conditions of loans before making a final decision. Meanwhile, these are the top education loan providers in India:

  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Axis Bank
  • Punjab National Bank

Exchange Programs and Study Abroad Awards

This program provides students with a chance to study at partner institutes or overseas colleges. Besides, they reduce the tuition fee, grant waivers, or extra financial support. To get more details about this program, you can inquire with your home institution. Examples of such grants include:

  • Erasmus + Exchange Program in Europe
  • International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Thus, these are some of the main funding options available for students. Also, to get a clear understanding of these awards or student loans, you can take advice from study abroad assistance Chandigarh.

Meanwhile, let’s check the required documents along with your application!

Requirements to Apply for Scholarship Programs

Before you start preparing your application, make sure that you have all the papers needed for the program ready. Also, finance assistance for study abroad Chandigarh will help you choose the right program. Meanwhile, the required documents are:

CV or Resume

In your CV, you have to add all the relevant details, including:

  • Academic skills
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Achievements
  • Social Skills
  • Language skills (in both soft and technical skills)

Application Form

This is the main financial aid form, which should be filled out with all the authentic details about yourself. Hence, the wrong details could lead to the rejection of your application.

Copies of Academic Transcripts

With the application, attach copies of all your mark sheets and certificates. Also, they should reflect the final scores you’ve achieved with the official stamp of the institute.

Letter of Recommendation

To prepare a strong application, you can also add one or two letters from previous faculty members. Thus, these papers should contain evidence of your abilities and achievements.

Statement of Purpose

It should include why you’re choosing a specific course and college. Hence, you can include your career goals and mention how you’re a suitable candidate for the program. The word limit should be approx. 400 words.

Test Scores

Depending on the course and institute, you may be required to submit scores for some tests, including the GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, or PTE., as per the university requirements. Thus, with a good score in these exams, you can increase your chances of getting financial aid.


Studying abroad can be a life-changing decision, and various financial aids play a crucial role in this journey. Thus, you can get more advice about these awards, grants, or student loans from finance assistance for study abroad Chandigarh. Meanwhile, you can also connect with experts at to get a free counselling session.

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