Is Noni Juice A Scam or Reality

Health and fitness enthusiasts often go for health Scam Supplements and products that would help them in getting the best results to develop a lean and trim body. One of the latest heath elixirs that claim to support transition in the physical status of the user is Noni Juice.

Attractive Publicity

Providers of Noni Juice have taken substantial pains to make huge publicity of the product and some of the ads are quite attractive. Obviously, this is one of the ploys of the providers to neutralize the negative impact of the steep price of the product.

Claim of the Providers

Providers claim and write on the label about the benefits of using Noni Juice. Arguments in support of the providers are that –

Polynesians have used the product for centuries;

It can help mind healing, and improving the status of body and spirit; and

Have several other health benefits like fat burning and weight loss.

Disagreement of FDA

While the providers of Noni Juice claim that it has got various health benefits and in support advance some statements by the doctors in this regard, it is quite clear that the statement and contentions are not approved by FDA. Therefore, the claims cannot be accepted on their face values despite all the publicity hikes by the providers.

Facts and Myths

Websites that are promoting the product claim that it can cure everything that includes cold as well as cancer. Despite FDA not approving the claims the Federal Trade Commission has not shut down the product and its marketing. Yet many things that are told about the product are myths rather than truth.

Marking of Bad Medicines

Some of the markings of bad medicines in the product are –

Outrageous claims regarding health benefits for the users;

Lack of supporting evidences upholding the claims; and

Highly questionable marketing strategies.

A Look at the Origins

It would be good having a look at the origin of Noni Juice.

Noni grows in warm climates and is found in abundance in South Pacific and South East Asia;

When ripe, the fruit gives out a pungent smell and taste is such that it is well known as the vomit fruit or the rotten cheese fruit;

People normally do not consume this fruit unless some exigency like a famine occurs; and

The product is used in traditional medicines in South Pacific areas.

Noni-Juice Contents

Noni juice that is sold in United States often contains a dash of noni cut combined with water. It is believed by some users that the juice of Noni can cure arthritis, cancer, reduce bad cholesterol, and could be beneficial for diabetes, obesity, impotence, and digestive problems. But none of these claims have so far been established through clinical experiments.

One will find Non-Juice as Polynesian, Hawaiian, or Tahiti juices.

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