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Loading and packing is a key step in any move. Be sure to entrust this task to approved and certified experts. Free Quote!

Relocation Packing for moving

Packing is an essential step for local movers! Quite simply because it will condition your entire shipment from departure to arrival. It is therefore essential that your goods are properly packaged, especially if you have fragile goods.

At I Removals Birmingham, we offer tailor-made packing services. A packing team comes to your home to protect your belongings one by one, piece by piece. Our packing team is capable of handling any request, from the smallest shipment to an entire house move.

PACKING & LOADING: Get involved and save!

This page is dedicated to our customers who have subscribed to the ECO offer, who undertake to pack their personal belongings themselves, and who save money. For more details, you can consult the dedicated page.

Do you want to move to the United Kingdom, but find the moving prices too expensive for your budget? Would you prefer to keep this money for your on-site installation? I Removals Birmingham has planned a special service where your involvement in packing and/or loading will save you a considerable amount of money. 

Pack from least to most useful

Take your time and start commercial movers as soon as possible. Start with your items that are not useful to you daily. For example, garden equipment, out-of-season clothing, paintings, silverware, items from your cellar, etc.

Successful packaging, organized and methodical packaging.

A successful move is above all about being organized! The best advice we give you is to be methodical when packing. The best way is to pack room by room, grouping items from the same family, clothes, dishes, and various objects. There are wardrobe boxes to transport your clothes without wrinkling them. Also, don’t forget to number each box, indicating your name, contents, and arrival address.

Move without worries

To secure your personal belongings as much as possible, you must pack fragile objects carefully; your best ally is bubble wrap. Very effective for dishes, glass, and porcelain objects, do not hesitate to wrap them individually even if it takes time. Use bubble wrap everywhere. It is better to do too much than not enough, pack your furniture and household appliances with their solid packaging (cardboard, crate, etc.) beforehand.

Close the boxes tightly with adhesive tape, top and bottom. Do not fill the boxes to the maximum, so that it keeps their face straight and not curved or rounded. Limit the weight of the boxes, because they will be handled, a box that is too heavy risks cracking. 

I Removals Birmingham advice: Bubble wrap is always used by placing the bubbles on the outside: Avoid condensation and marks on furniture. 


To pack your personal belongings carefully to secure your home movers, you must be well equipped: boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive rolls, mattress covers, blankets, etc. You can buy moving kits for very reasonable prices. Prefer the original packaging (if you have kept it) for household appliances and electronic devices (TV, computer, etc.)

Loading small truck with tailgate


The truck will be positioned in front of your home, it is equipped with a tailgate to facilitate loading. The role of the driver is limited to transportation.

We offer you two loading possibilities for containers:

The container truck is equipped with a crane to place the container on the ground to facilitate loading. This service is recommended if you have bulky personal effects and you do not have handling equipment.

The standard container truck, the container will be 1.50 meters from the ground. If your personal effects are not bulky or if you have efficient handling equipment, then this solution is the most economical.

Get help from your loved ones, in the interest of saving time and efficiency.

Use common sense and logic when loading, start with household appliances and bulky furniture, which you will place along the walls, with strapping if necessary for tall, narrow furniture. The heaviest boxes will be placed at the bottom, the lightest at the top.


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