Power BI Course Syllabus

ntroduction to Power BI

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Power BI
    • Overview of Business Intelligence
    • Introduction to Power BI Components (Desktop, Service, Mobile)
  2. Module 2: Power BI Installation and Setup
  3. Module 3: Connecting to Data Sources
    • Importing Data from Excel
    • Connecting to SQL Server Database
    • Data Source Options in Power BI

Week 3-4: Data Transformation and Modeling

  1. Module 4: Power Query Basics
    • Understanding Power Query Editor
    • Transforming Data – Cleaning and Shaping
  2. Module 5: Data Modeling in Power BI
    • Relationships in Power BI
    • Creating Calculated Columns and Measures using DAX

Week 5-6: Creating Visualizations

  1. Module 6: Introduction to Visualizations
    • Exploring Different Chart Types
    • Building Tables and Matrix Visualizations
  2. Module 7: Advanced Visualizations
    • Using Maps for Geographic Data
    • Customizing Visualizations

Week 7-8: Building Dashboards

  1. Module 8: Power BI Dashboards
    • Understanding Dashboards in Power BI
    • Creating Interactive Dashboards
  2. Module 9: Power BI Service Features
    • Publishing Reports to Power BI Service
    • Sharing and Collaborating on Reports

Week 9-10: Advanced Topics and Final Project

  1. Module 10: Advanced DAX Concepts
  2. Module 11: Custom Visuals and Analytics
    • Exploring Custom Visuals
    • Introduction to Analytics in Power BI
  3. Final Project
    • Design and implement a Power BI project incorporating learned concepts.

Week 11-12: Review, Q&A, and Future Directions

  1. Module 12: Power BI Community and Resources
    • Joining Power BI Community Forums
    • Exploring Further Learning Resources
  2. Module 13: Staying Updated
    • Regularly Checking Power BI Documentation
    • Future Trends in Power BI


  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Mid-term Project
  • Final Project Presentation


  • Encourage students to work on real-world projects and datasets.
  • Provide additional resources for self-directed learning.
  • Allow time for hands-on exercises and practical applications.
  • Incorporate guest lectures or industry experts if possible.

This syllabus provides a structured approach to learning Power BI, ensuring that participants gain practical skills and understanding of the tool’s capabilities. Adjustments can be made based on the audience’s feedback and evolving trends in Power BI. Power Bi Training in Pune

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