How to Safely Buy Twitch Viewers from Reputed Websites

twitch viewers

Introduction to Twitch Viewers:

When a user tunes into your live Twitch channel, they become a viewer. This viewer count is crucial for channel visibility and growth. More viewers can lead to increased followers, organic growth, potential features, and enhanced credibility.

Benefits of Twitch Views:

Draws more users to your profile.
Increases followers.
Boosts organic growth.
Potential for featuring on Twitch.
Establishes you as knowledgeable.

Guidelines for Buying Twitch Viewers:

1. Beware of Scams:

Be cautious when choosing a service. Many websites claim to provide real Twitch viewers but may not deliver. Avoid losing money to scams by choosing reliable services. One such trustworthy website is boostHill.

2. Look for Quality Viewers:

Identify quality viewers through customer reviews and reliable blog reviews. Quality is essential for genuine engagement and positive impact on your channel.

3. Avoid Rapid Viewers Addition:

Adding viewers too quickly can lead to penalties from Twitch, including potential account suspension. Steer clear of websites offering a sudden influx of viewers, such as 100 viewers all at once.

4. Understand the Difference between Instantly and Rapidly:

Differentiate between “instant delivery” and “rapid delivery.” Instant delivery means orders start promptly after payment, while rapid delivery implies receiving all items simultaneously.

5. Avoid Sellers Using the Same IP Address:

Reputable companies, like boostHill, refrain from using the same IP address to view a stream. Using the same IP for multiple accounts can lead to account cancellation or reporting. A reliable service employs adequate proxies for each account.

6. Choose Websites with SSL:

Ensure the website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for information exchange. Lack of SSL may indicate an outdated or abandoned site. Browsers often flag such sites, and ordering from them may result in unfulfilled orders and potential financial loss.


Buying Twitch viewers can be a strategic move for channel growth, but it requires careful consideration. By following these guidelines and choosing reputable websites like boostHill, you can enhance your Twitch presence without risking your account or falling victim to scams. Remember, a thoughtful approach to buying Twitch viewers can contribute positively to your channel’s success.

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