Serie A schedule 2020-21


Juventus’ bid to win an absurd Tenth-straight scudetto begins at residence to Sampdoria, and a number of other rivals hope it would finish lengthy earlier than the ultimate day finds The Previous Girl in Bologna on Might 23.

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Serie A’s schedule was launched Wednesday, exhibiting the world when a few of the oldest and most heated rivalries in soccer will probably be staged within the 2020-21 season, which appears a lot congested after a late begin of Sept. 20.

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There have been indicators that the Turin giants had been slowing down however neither Inter Milan nor Atalanta might change Juventus atop the Serie A desk final season.

Week 1

Fiorentina 1-0 Torino
Hellas Verona 0-0* AS Roma (Roma forfeits 3-0 for ineligible participant)
Parma 0-2 Napoli
Genoa 4-1 Crotone
Sassuolo 1-1 Cagliari
Juventus 3-0 Sampdoria
AC Milan 2-0 Bologna
Udinese 0-2 Spezia — Sept. 30
Benevento 2-5 Inter Milan — Sept. 30
Lazio 1-4 Atalanta — Sept. 30

Week 2

Torino 2-4 Atalanta
Cagliari 0-2 Lazio
Sampdoria 2-3 Benevento
Inter Milan 4-3 Fiorentina
Spezia 1-4 Sassuolo
Verona 1-0 Udinese
Napoli 6-0 Genoa
Crotone 0-2 AC Milan
AS Roma 2-2 Juventus
Bologna 4-1 Parma

Week 3

Fiorentina 1-2 Sampdoria
Sassuolo 4-1 Crotone
Genoa v Torino — Nov. 4
Udinese 0-1 AS Roma
Atalanta 5-2 Cagliari
Parma 1-0 Verona
Benevento 1-0 Bologna
Lazio 1-1 Inter Milan
AC Milan 3-0 Spezia
Juventus 3-0 Napoli — forfeit

Week 4 – Oct. 18

Napoli v Atalanta — 9 am ET Saturday
Sampdoria v Lazio — Midday ET Saturday
Inter Milan v AC Milan — Midday ET Saturday
Crotone v Juventus — 2:45 pm ET Saturday
Bologna v Sassuolo — 6:30 am ET Sunday
Spezia v Fiorentina — 9 am ET Sunday
Torino v Cagliari — 9 am ET Sunday
Udinese v Parma — Midday ET Sunday
AS Roma v Benevento — 2:45 pm ET Sunday
Verona v Genoa — 2:45 pm ET Sunday

Serie A schedule
The primary Milan derby is early within the season (Photograph by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Photos)

Week 5 – Oct. 25

Atalanta v Sampdoria
Benevento v Napoli
Cagliari v Crotone
Fiorentina v Udinese
Genoa v Inter Milan
Juventus v Verona
Lazio v Bologna
AC Milan v AS Roma
Parma v Spezia
Sassuolo v Torino

Week 6 – Nov. 1

Bologna v Cagliari
Crotone v Atalanta
Inter Milan v Parma
Napoli v Sassuolo
AS Roma v Fiorentina
Sampdoria v Genoa
Spezia v Juventus
Torino v Lazio
Udinese v AC Milan
Verona v Benevento

Week 7 – Nov. 8

Atalanta v Inter Milan
Benevento v Spezia
Bologna v Napoli
Cagliari v Sampdoria
Genoa v AS Roma
Lazio v Juventus
AC Milan v Verona
Parma v Fiorentina
Sassuolo v Udinese
Torino v Crotone

Week 8 – Nov. 22

Crotone v Lazio
Fiorentina v Benevento
Inter Milan v Torino
Juventus v Cagliari
Napoli v AC Milan
AS Roma v Parma
Sampdoria v Bologna
Spezia v Atalanta
Udinese v Genoa
Verona v Sassuolo

Week 9 – Nov. 29

Atalanta v Verona
Benevento v Juventus
Bologna v Crotone
Cagliari v Spezia
Genoa v Parma
Lazio v Udinese
AC Milan v Fiorentina
Napoli v AS Roma
Sassuolo v Inter Milan
Torino v Sampdoria

Week 10 – Dec. 6

Crotone v Napoli
Fiorentina v Genoa
Inter Milan v Bologna
Juventus v Torino
Parma v Benevento
Roma v Sassuolo
Sampdoria v AC Milan
Spezia v Lazio
Udinese v Atalanta
Verona v Cagliari

Serie A schedule
Turin rivals Juventus and Torino meet in Week 10 (Photograph by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP by way of Getty Photos)

Week 11 – Dec. 13

Atalanta v Fiorentina
Bologna v AS Roma
Cagliari v Inter Milan
Crotone v Spezia
Genoa v Juventus
Lazio v Verona
AC Milan v Parma
Napoli v Sampdoria
Sassuolo v Benevento
Torino v Udinese

Week 12 – Dec. 16

Benevento v Lazio
Fiorentina v Sassuolo
Genoa v AC Milan
Inter Milan v Napoli
Juventus v Atalanta
Parma v Cagliari
AS Roma v Torino
Spezia v Bologna
Udinese v Crotone
Verona v Sampdoria

Week 13 – Dec. 20

Atalanta v AS Roma
Benevento v Genoa
Cagliari v Udinese
Fiorentina v Verona
Inter Milan v Spezia
Lazio v Napoli
Parma v Juventus
Sampdoria v Crotone
Sassuolo v AC Milan
Torino v Bologna

Week 14 – Dec. 23

Bologna v Atalanta
Crotone v Parma
Juventus v Fiorentina
AC Milan v Lazio
Napoli v Torino
AS Roma v Cagliari
Sampdoria v Sassuolo
Spezia v Genoa
Udinese v Benevento
Verona v Inter Milan

Week 15 – Jan. 3

Atalanta v Sassuolo
Benevento v AC Milan
Cagliari v Napoli
Fiorentina v Bologna
Genoa v Lazio
Inter Milan v Crotone
Juventus v Udinese
Parma v Torino
AS Roma v Sampdoria
Spezia v Verona

Week 16 – Jan. 6

Atalanta v Parma
Bologna v Udinese
Cagliari v Benevento
Crotone v AS Roma
Lazio v Fiorentina
AC Milan v Juventus
Napoli v Spezia
Sampdoria v Inter Milan
Sassuolo v Genoa
Torino v Verona

Week 17 – Jan. 10

Benevento v Atalanta
Fiorentina v Cagliari
Genoa v Bologna
Juventus v Sassuolo
AC Milan v Torino
Parma v Lazio
AS Roma v Inter Milan
Spezia v Sampdoria
Udinese v Napoli
Verona v Crotone

Week 18 – Jan. 17

Atalanta v Genoa
Bologna v Verona
Cagliari v AC Milan
Crotone v Benevento
Inter Milan v Juventus
Lazio v AS Roma
Napoli v Fiorentina
Sampdoria v Udinese
Sassuolo v Parma
Torino v Spezia

Serie A schedule
AS Roma and Lazio within the Derby della Capitale (Photograph by MB Media/Getty Photos).

Week 19 – Jan. 24

Benevento v Torino
Fiorentina v Crotone
Genoa v Cagliari
Juventus v Bologna
Lazio v Sassuolo
AC Milan v Atalanta
Parma v Sampdoria
AS Roma v Spezia
Udinese v Inter Milan
Verona v Napoli

Week 20 – Jan. 31

Atalanta v Lazio
Bologna v AC Milan
Cagliari v Sassuolo
Crotone v Genoa
Inter Milan v Benevento
Napoli v Parma
AS Roma v Verona
Sampdoria v Juventus
Spezia v Udinese
Torino v Fiorentina

Week 21 – Feb. 7

Atalanta v Torino
Benevento v Sampdoria
Fiorentina v Inter Milan
Genoa v Napoli
Juventus v AS Roma
Lazio v Cagliari
AC Milan v Crotone
Parma v Bologna
Sassuolo v Spezia
Udinese v Verona

Week 22 – Feb. 14

Bologna v Benevento
Cagliari v Atalanta
Crotone v Sassuolo
Inter Milan v Lazio
Napoli v Juventus
AS Roma v Udinese
Sampdoria v Fiorentina
Spezia v AC Milan
Torino v Genoa
Verona v Parma

Serie A schedule
The rising Napoli-Juve rivalry hits Naples on Valentine’s Day. How romantic. (Photograph by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Photos )

Week 23 – Feb. 21

Atalanta v Napoli
Benevento v AS Roma
Cagliari v Torino
Fiorentina v Spezia
Genoa v Verona
Juventus v Crotone
Lazio v Sampdoria
AC Milan v Inter Milan
Parma v Udinese
Sassuolo v Bologna

Week 24 – Feb. 28

Bologna v Lazio
Crotone v Cagliari
Inter Milan v Genoa
Napoli v Benevento
AS Roma v AC Milan
Sampdoria v Atalanta
Spezia v Parma
Torino v Sassuolo
Udinese v Fiorentina
Verona v Juventus

Week 25 – March 3

Atalanta v Crotone
Benevento v Verona
Cagliari v Bologna
Fiorentina v AS Roma
Genoa v Sampdoria
Juventus v Spezia
Lazio v Torino
AC Milan v Udinese
Parma v Inter Milan
Sassuolo v Napoli

Week 26 – March 7

Crotone v Torino
Fiorentina v Parma
Inter Milan v Atalanta
Juventus v Lazio
Napoli v Bologna
AS Roma v Genoa
Sampdoria v Cagliari
Spezia v Benevento
Udinese v Sassuolo
Verona v AC Milan

Week 27 – March 14

Atalanta v Spezia
Bologna v Sampdoria
Benevento v Fiorentina
Cagliari v Juventus
Genoa v Udinese
Lazio v Crotone
AC Milan v Napoli
Parma v AS Roma
Sassuolo v Verona
Torino v Inter Milan

Week 28 – March 21

Crotone v Bologna
Fiorentina v AC Milan
Inter Milan v Sassuolo
Juventus v Benevento
Parma v Genoa
AS Roma v Napoli
Sampdoria v Torino
Spezia v Cagliari
Udinese v Lazio
Verona v Atalanta

Week 29 – April 4

Atalanta v Udinese
Benevento v Parma
Bologna v Inter Milan
Cagliari v Verona
Genoa v Fiorentina
Lazio v Spezia
AC Milan v Sampdoria
Napoli v Crotone
Sassuolo v AS Roma
Torino v Juventus

Week 30 – April 11

Benevento v Sassuolo
Fiorentina v Atalanta
Inter Milan v Cagliari
Juventus v Genoa
Parma v AC Milan
AS Roma v Bologna
Sampdoria v Napoli
Spezia v Crotone
Udinese v Torino
Verona v Lazio

Week 31 – April 18

Atalanta v Juventus
Bologna v Spezia
Cagliari v Parma
Crotone v Udinese
Lazio v Benevento
AC Milan v Genoa
Napoli v Inter Milan
Sampdoria v Verona
Sassuolo v Fiorentina
Torino v AS Roma

Week 32 – April 21

Bologna v Torino
Crotone v Sampdoria
Genoa v Benevento
Juventus v Parma
AC Milan v Sassuolo
Napoli v Lazio
AS Roma v Atalanta
Spezia v Inter Milan
Udinese v Cagliari
Verona v Fiorentina

Week 33 – April 25

Atalanta v Bologna
Benevento v Udinese
Cagliari v AS Roma
Fiorentina v Juventus
Genoa v Spezia
Inter Milan v Verona
Lazio v AC Milan
Parma v Crotone
Sassuolo v Sampdoria
Torino v Napoli

Week 34 – Might 2

Bologna v Fiorentina
Crotone v Inter Milan
Lazio v Genoa
AC Milan v Benevento
Napoli v Cagliari
Sampdoria v AS Roma
Sassuolo v Atalanta
Torino v Parma
Udinese v Juventus
Verona v Spezia

Week 35 – Might 9

Benevento v Cagliari
Fiorentina v Lazio
Genoa v Sassuolo
Inter Milan v Sampdoria
Juventus v AC Milan
Parma v Atalanta
AS Roma v Crotone
Spezia v Napoli
Udinese v Bologna
Verona v Torino

Week 36 – Might 12

Atalanta v Benevento
Bologna v Genoa
Cagliari v Fiorentina
Crotone v Verona
Inter Milan v AS Roma
Lazio v Parma
Napoli v Udinese
Sampdoria v Spezia
Sassuolo v Juventus
Torino v AC Milan

Week 37 – Might 16

Benevento v Crotone
Fiorentina v Napoli
Genoa v Atalanta
Juventus v Inter Milan
AC Milan v Cagliari
Parma v Sassuolo
AS Roma v Lazio
Spezia v Torino
Udinese v Sampdoria
Verona v Bologna

Week 38 – Might 23

Atalanta v AC Milan
Bologna v Juventus
Cagliari v Genoa
Crotone v Fiorentina
Inter Milan v Udinese
Napoli v Verona
Sampdoria v Parma
Sassuolo v Lazio
Spezia v AS Roma
Torino v Benevento

Serie A schedule
Might European qualification be on the road when AC Milan visits Atalanta on the ultimate day? (Photograph by BSR Company/Getty Photos)

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