The Many Benefits Of Mining Surveys

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Mining surveys serve as crucial tools for miners since they aid in the finding of viable mining locations and reduce the risk of investing in unproductive sites. These surveys are also important in determining mine and tunnel dimensions, which have a substantial impact on miner and industry safety. By providing vital information, mining surveys contribute to informed decision-making, ensuring that resources are efficiently utilized and operations are conducted with precision and safety in mind. In this article, we will look at the numerous benefits of doing mining surveys strategically.

The Benefits Of Mine Surveys

​​It is critical to understand the precise benefits they may provide to a business, and why you should call an experienced team of mining surveyors for your next project. The following are the primary advantages that a mine survey can provide:

  1. Prevent Cave-ins: Accurate mapping of underground areas, as well as assistance in the building of support infrastructure, can help to prevent cave-ins and subsidence, as well as prevent injuries of grave nature.
  2. Aid Local Authorities: Environmental pollution information is important to local governments and other authorities, and having an accurate measurement of it can help guarantee the business complies with local legislations and by-laws.
  3. Reduce Pollution: Mining surveyors can provide critical information regarding the environmental impacts of the extraction activity and can assist in limiting harm to the surrounding area.
  4. Assistance with Excavation Design: The comprehensive mapping produced by a mining survey can be extremely useful in the planning and building of tunnels, mines, and other excavations.
  5. Accurate Mineral Rights Boundaries: In any mining operation, ensuring your boundary is put correctly is critical, and a mistake might result in millions of dollars in minerals beneath the ground being lost.
  6. Infrastructure Planning: A mining survey is important not just for planning excavations, but it may also for providing information on where it is safe to develop critical infrastructure at the site, as well as planning access routes in and out of the site.
  7. Increase Profitability: Understanding the number of ores and minerals existing on the job site, as well as what would be required to remove them, is invaluable for boosting the operation’s profitability.

What Technologies Are Used In Mining Surveying?

The mine surveying business now has a variety of critical technologies to help with data collection. These not only provide for more precise data but also considerably increase the speed and safety of data collection. Our mining surveyors can use the following technologies on your projects:

Laser Scanning

Surveying with laser scanning is significantly faster and safer than previous methods, which is especially useful at mine sites where the terrain is frequently confined, hazardous, and difficult to traverse.

Aerial Mapping and LiDAR

Lidar, which stands for “light detection and ranging,” is a tremendously useful tool for mining surveyors. This entails attaching laser scanning instruments to manned or unmanned aircraft to measure distances and ground features.

Mobile Mapping

This technique not only shortens the time required to survey the mine site, but it also increases safety because features can be collected at a distance and the survey crew can primarily remain in the vehicle away from rock faces or moving gear.

Drones and UAVs

Lightweight drones provide quick mapping of opencast mine pits or quarries without requiring the surveyor to physically visit the site.

Remote Sensing

Mapping with satellite images is a technology that is gaining favour in the mine surveying industry since the cost is decreasing and the image resolution is improving all the time.

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