The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming for Educators

Virtual streaming platforms have completely changed the outlook of education soccernewsz.  . Especially after the idea of e-learning came to fruition, the education system has seen remarkable change. Recently, digital learning has been at its peak. Educators are now looking into the ways in which educational video streaming services can make education more accessible. Here is everything you need to know as a teacher.

Why livestream your classes?

Livestreaming classes will drastically reduce the number of absentees. Since many kids are prone to illnesses, virtual classes will help them attend daily lectures from the comfort of their homes. This is why stream in education as a genre has been popular. Teachers can also benefit from online classes since they allow educators to continue their work while mending their household responsibilities. In many situations, students sitting on the last bench may face issues hearing the teacher or seeing the board in real-life classes. Streaming education online will help all students listen to the teacher at an equal level  redandwhitemagz .com. They can also notify the teacher with relevant tools if they want to speak up. Online classes also make recording classes easier for future reference.

What do you need to start live-streaming teaching?

Live streaming is easy. It makes accessibility to education easy as well. The requirements to set up a live classroom are minimal. All one needs is a smartphone, laptop, or a computer with a webcam. Online teaching is no different than teaching in real life. By creating interactive study sessions, virtual classes can be as interesting. If you are an educator looking to dive into the world of live streaming, here is what you need.

Streaming software

The most basic requirement is a good educational streaming service. These types of software can help you store recorded video footage once you upload them from your camera. Various streaming platforms use the best software to distribute your content to the desired audience. Before investing in streaming software, you must consider its features and accessibility. If you are a new user, the software must be user-friendly and easy to use with a simple dashboard to avoid complications.

What to look for in streaming software

Several factors go into deciding whether streaming software is ideal for your needs. Read this list of preferred features from educators worldwide and choose the best free streaming software.

 Live chat

Virtual sessions are only interactive if the host pays extra attention to gain engagement from the viewers. Similarly, in the context of live-streaming classes, you must make an engaging lesson plan that demands interaction from your students. The streaming software must also include a live chat option, where the students feel more comfortable raising a question.


Recording options in virtual classes are vital. If any student is facing network issues, they can miss a chunk of their class. In this case, it is better to livestream classes and forward the recordings to the students. This is why recording is seen as an important feature in streaming software.


The most common issue when speaking about virtual meetings is the matter of privacy. Many parents might be cautious of their child’s online presence due to this reason. As the educator, it can become your responsibility to ensure the complete privacy of you and your students. Choose the software that promises better security and privacy. It will also help to keep your content private from unwanted eyes.


In this case, analytics is a virtual record book of the number of present students. These tools will help you to keep track of attendance. By tracking the number of students attending every lecture, you can asses which sessions are more interesting to the kids and can implement the same in your next classes.


If one platform is not accessible equally to all the students, multistreaming may help. This feature lets you present your lectures across platforms at your students’ convenience. It will allow them the freedom of choice and make your streams reach a greater audience.

Live stream classes with OnTheFly

If you are stuck on your newfound interest in live streaming, we have you covered. With OnTheFly, the best online streaming platform, you can learn the basics of class streaming using streaming software.

Basic streaming gear

All you need to start your first live-streaming classroom is a “studio” or a room with good lighting, background, and some privacy. You will also need a smartphone with a good camera and microphone or a computer with a separate webcam and microphone for better quality.


If you are using a mobile phone or a laptop, you will have a built-in camera. However, these types of equipment can greatly deteriorate the teachers’ streaming quality. Professional educators are recommended to invest in a high-quality camera or webcam to make streaming more fun. It is also better to buy a tripod with your camera to have a hands-free experience and a steady recording.


A good microphone must have either an XLR or a USB connection. However, it is better to have an XLR connection since they have an extra mixer connected to the microphone. The best microphones also contain a cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response between 20 Hertz and 20,000 Hertz.


Though a mobile phone can complete your work, a computer setup can be more stable and reliable for live education streaming. Check if the computer you buy has the necessary casting programs. With the help of OnTheFly, you will get programs like OBS Studio that can make transitioning easier and smoother. Before buying a computer, also check the graphics and storage options to store your recordings.


Lights can heavily alter the quality of your educational streaming services. Instead of having a dull white light, you can do some experiments and choose an interesting and bright lighting option. Good lighting is key to having a well-rounded stream.


As discussed earlier, a tripod will keep your camera intact and reduce distractions by movement. It will let your camera focus better and improve the quality of your streams. Begin by setting up your camera so that your students can see the board clearly. Using a tripod can also let you adjust the height of the camera for a good view.

 Stable internet connection

The tricky part is having a good internet connection, or your live classroom stream will glitch and lag. It will also hinder upload speed and ruin your scheduled time. Before you start streaming, it is important to make sure you have a stable internet connection to have a smooth session.

Make your live-streaming classroom successful with OnTheFly

Begin your first session with OnTheFly, but don’t forget to keep these pointers in mind: ●   Do a test run to check if your internet is stable. ●   Rehearse your lesson plan. ●   Change the lighting as required. ●   Make sure your camera settings are perfect. ●   Interact with your students.


With the growing popularity of the internet, many educators have chosen the path of online teaching. It is convenient and creates a space where everyone can contribute equally. OnTheFly is currently the preferred learning streaming service, allowing users to multistream across the renowned platforms of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. It also lets the host record daily sessions and ensures their safety. To upload your first study session, choose the ideal live-streaming software today.

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