What Format Is Micro820 SD Card

What Format Is Micro820 SD Card

Compact programmable logic controllers (PLCs) like the Micro820 are made by Allen-Bradley, a division of Rockwell Automation. An SD (Secure Digital) card is used by the Micro820 PLCs for program backup and data storage. The Micro820 PLC’s specific model and needs determine the SD card format.

Here are some key points regarding the Micro820 SD card format:

1. File System:

Most likely, the file system on the SD card used with Allen Bradley Micro820 PLCs is formatted to work with the operating system of the PLC. For its SD cards, Rockwell Automation typically use the FAT16 or FAT32 file systems.

Note that supported features and specifications are subject to change, therefore for the most current and correct information about the Micro820 PLC and its SD card file system, consult the most recent documentation from Rockwell Automation or get in touch with technical support.

2. File Types:

software files, configuration files, and other information pertaining to the PLC software are stored on the SD card. L5X (Logix5000 Project), ACD (Logix Designer Project), and CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files are examples of common file types.

L5X (Logix5000 Project): XML-based L5X files are utilized in Logix Designer projects. They include data pertaining to the configuration, logic, and other project-related information.

  • ACD (Logix Designer Project): ACD files are project files made with the Studio 5000 software suite’s Logix Designer. The ladder logic, structured text, function block diagrams, and other PLC program components are contained in these files.
  • CSV (Comma-Separated Values): Commas are used to separate values in CSV files, which are plain text files. Data tables and configuration data can be imported and exported between the Micro820 PLC and these devices.
  • PDF (Portable Document Format): Reports and documentation pertaining to the programming of the Micro820 PLC may be offered in PDF format. Project reports, technical documentation, and user manuals are a few examples of these.
  • BIN (Binary): For firmware updates and other low-level tasks, binary files may be utilized. These files are usually not intended for direct user interaction and contain raw binary data.

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3. Programming Software:

Programming software from Rockwell Automation, such as Connected Components Workbench (CCW) or Studio 5000 Logix Designer, is usually used to operate with the Micro820 PLC. With the help of these tools, you may write, modify, and send programs via the SD card to the Micro820 PLC.

  • Supports ladder logic programming.
  • Provides tools for configuring and commissioning Micro800 controllers.
  • Includes a graphical user interface for ease of use.
  • Supports online and offline programming.
  • Integrates with other Rockwell Automation products.
  • Provides a comprehensive environment for developing and maintaining control systems.
  • Allows online and offline programming and testing.

4. Capacity:

The Micro820 PLCs are compatible with SD cards of different sizes. The Micro820 PLC model you are using and the specifications of your application will determine the exact SD card format and capacity.

  • Model-Specific Limits: The maximum SD card capacity that can be supported by a particular model in the Micro820 series may vary. To find out the recommended or maximum SD card capacity, always consult the product documentation, user manuals, or technical specifications for your individual Micro820 model.
  • Program Size: The size of your PLC program, including the logic, configuration, and any related data files, will also determine the capacity needed. More SD card storage may be needed for larger programs.
  • Backup and Data Storage: Apart from housing the PLC software, the SD card is frequently employed for redundancy and has the capacity to hold data logs, configuration files, and additional pertinent data. Think about how much storage your particular application will require overall.
  • File System Overhead: There is additional space overhead associated with the file system (FAT16 or FAT32) that is utilized on the SD card. Make sure you have sufficient space for the software and any related file system requirements.

5. Backup and Restore:

Rockwell Automation Micro820 PLC‘s SD card is frequently used for program backup and restoration. A copy of the software can be stored on the SD card and used as a backup in case of device failure or transfer it between devices.

  • Access Programming Software: Depending on which application was used for your Micro820 PLC, open the programming program, such as Connected Components Workbench (CCW) or Studio 5000 Logix Designer.
  • Connect to PLC: Utilizing the programming software, establish communication with the Micro820 PLC.
  • Project Backup: Find the option to save the project or make a backup in the programming software.
  • Choose the option to save the project to the SD card.
  • Select Backup Options: Follow the on-screen instructions to select the appropriate backup options, including program files, configuration files, and any other data you want to include in the backup.
  • Complete Backup: Confirm and initiate the backup process. The programming software will copy the necessary files to the SD card.

In conclusion, the Micro820 SD card includes program files and other data pertaining to the PLC program, and it is probably formatted using a file system that is compatible with the PLC’s operating system. The Micro820 PLC’s model and specifications determine the format and capacity. For accurate and current information, always consult the user manuals and product documentation that Rockwell Automation provides.

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