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Student Accommodation New Haven

New Haven University, officially known as the University of New Haven, is one of the universities chosen by international students. This university is located in New Haven, a famous city in the United States of America. New Haven is a city in the US state of Connecticut and is popular among people for different reasons. Higher education is a major reason why individuals visit this city. The University of New Haven remains their prominent choice.

There are different reasons why some students choose the University of New Haven for their higher education, a few of which you will read below.

Quality of Education

Like many other universities in the United States of America, the University of New Haven is also known for its quality of education. In some subjects, it ranks among the top 100 universities. The professors/lecturers in the university teach with a practical approach.

Wonderful Student Life

Student life at the University of New Haven is also wonderful. There is a remarkable campus community here. Moreover, different activities are organized among which you can choose your favorite activity. The university comprises more than 150 student organizations. Plenty of events take place on campus every year.

Excellent Places to Stay

There are student properties near the University of New Haven that offer wonderful places to stay in the city. A major property where you can find excellent student accommodation New Haven is “College and Crown”.

In College and Crown’s complex and accommodation units, you find numerous amenities for your comfort, studies, fun, fitness, dining, and more. There are two types of accommodation units available here, which are studios and apartments.

A studio is available for a single person and is a perfect option for the person who wants complete privacy. In a studio, you get a private kitchen as well as a private bathroom. Besides, College and Crown offers student apartments New Haven where one student can book a bedroom. There are one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments available. Private bathrooms are attached to bedrooms. In a two-bedroom apartment, the kitchen is shared by both the occupants of the apartment.

The complex of College and Crown comprises a 24-hour fitness center, which is fully equipped with material for workouts. This student housing New Haven also has a games room where you find a pool table and the arrangements for some other games. For your studies, you find a study room and a study desk and chair. For getting help with studies and accomplishing other online tasks, a Wi-Fi internet connection is also provided to students. The heating facility is also available so you can keep your room warm when there is extreme winter.

The University of New Haven can be reached within 10 minutes by car from College and Crown. This off campus student accommodation New Haven also has a car parking space.


You can choose to study at other universities in New Haven also, which are Yale University and Southern Connecticut State University.

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